About us


CEISME has two missions:

  • support students throughout their university career
  • improve student life at the EMT Center.

In this sense, CEISME supports the student in his integration (contact with resource people, various assistance) and in the event of a dispute or dispute with his teacher. CEISME sits at various assemblies (FEINRS, INRS Studies and Research Commission, assembly of professors). This presence makes it possible to effectively advance student requests.

What do we do?

CEISME organizes or participates in various social and cultural activities aimed at strengthening the links between its members. On an individual level, CEISME encourages students to take part in cultural events (museum, concert, etc.) by reimbursing part of the costs associated with these activities. CEISME also takes part in master’s seminars, an important step for many of its members.

Do you know the best part?

CEISME belongs above all to its members, but anyone interested can share their ideas and get involved in the life of the association.